Jamisontown. A Wonderful Start.

Whether it’s buying your very first family home or looking to dip your toes into property investment, Jamisontown continues to be a ‘go-to’ suburb for first time purchaser’s throughout the Penrith City region. Forever popular with out-of-town investors who increasingly drive sales due to its central location and accessibility to the motorway, first home buyers are flooding the market as they see the appeal of not only it’s location and amenities, but it’s affordability and potential.

Sales activity over the last 12 months has heightened, with the area boasting an average of 53 people looking for property at any one time. This is a remarkable vote of confidence in the Jamisontown market and a real shot in the arm for the local economy.

There are a number of factors as to why this is happening. One is undoubtedly the strong median growth in the area – over the last three years, house price growth rates have been consistently high in Jamisontown, edging out a number of other suburbs that are also increasing in average growth across the Penrith district. This has not gone unnoticed by our buyers as they recognise the suburb as an ideal location for investment.

Having experienced all that Jamisontown has to offer, we are seeing a consistent influx of young couples and families who quite obviously value the strong sense of community that Jamisontown provides. With not only diverse options for education and medical treatment, as well as first-class sporting, recreation and retail facilities, these buyers also find Jamisontown’s affordability and value-for-money appealing. Couple this with the strong median growth in the area, and you have the perfect family investment.

The significant sales growth that Property Central has experienced in Jamisontown is echoed by research undertaken by RP Data. Over the last 12 months alone, we have seen some impressive statistics: 113 sales in the area, a median house sale price of $459,625 and a large turnover of units and rental properties in the thriving investment block between Mulgoa Road & York Road.

With a guaranteed return on investment, it is clear that the popularity of the area is on an upwards trajectory.

Providing a family-friendly atmosphere within close proximity to the Penrith CBD, wide roads, quiet streets, spaciously cut blocks, leisurely river walks and just a short stroll to the Panthers complex and entertainment hub. One thing is clear – if you’re looking to relocate into an area that is conveniently-located, has plenty of amenities that suit all age groups and is growing in value, Jamisontown must be at the top of your list.

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